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11-18 January, 2010, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Brian Candler

Brian Candler is a freelance consultant to the ISP industry, and trainer with the Network Startup Resource Center (NSRC). He has been working with Unix systems, IP networks and open-source software for the past 17 years, during which time he has also been a trainer at numerous workshops for the Internet Society, the African Network Operators Group, and others. Before that he was a designer of embedded microprocessor systems. In his spare time he attempts to play jazz piano.

Carlos Vicente

Carlos Vicente works as a Network Engineer for the University of Oregon and Trainer with the Network Startup Resource Center (NSRC). During the last 15 years, Carlos has been involved in building networks and deploying emerging technologies in the educational sector in Latin America and the USA. Carlos works regularly with the Escuela Latinoamericana de Redes ( and various network operator groups to provide technical training about network design, routing, switching, and network management.

Cecil Goldstein

Cecil is the Team Cymru Training Practice Manager. Based in Brisbane, Cecil was until recently the Training Manager at APNIC, responsible for developing and delivering their training program largely in the developing and under-developed countries of the Asia Pacific region.

Before joining APNIC, Cecil was a lecturer in the Faculty of Information Technology at the Queensland University of Technology, focusing particularly on internetworking subjects.

He has been involved in Internet training and support from the initial AARNET days and co-authored the first guide to using the Internet (AARNet) in Australia, “Getting the Most out of AARNet”.

He has strong passions about keeping the Internet safe, free and working as well as strengthening its accessibility and usability in the developing world.

Champika Wijayatunga

Champika is the Training Unit Manager of Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC) and responsible for managing the APNIC training activities in the region. He is also responsible for assessing training and development needs in the Asia Pacific region in collaboration with APNIC stakeholders and managing a team of trainers who are involved in the design, development, and delivery of regular APNIC training and technical workshops.

Champika has over 15 years of experience and worked in a number of countries in the IT industry, academia, research, and training environments. He was previously the Team Leader of the APNIC training team, a Senior Training Specialist and also the APNIC Liaison Officer for the South Asia region. In the past, Champika has also been involved in evaluating Internet resource requests and allocating Internet resources (IPv4/IPv6 addresses and Autonomous System numbers) to the APNIC members in the region.

Prior to APNIC, Champika worked as a Research Associate at the Asian Institute of Technology in Bangkok, Thailand. He started his career with IBM Sri Lanka as a Systems Engineer and later worked as an IBM Software Systems Specialist. He was also an IBM Instructor, where he conducted various IBM training courses to their clientele.

Gaurab Raj Upadhaya

Gaurab Raj Upadhaya is Network Architect at Limelight Networks.

In this role he works with the team responsible for backbone network of the Limelight Content Delivery Network. Previously, Gaurab worked for Packet Clearing House as Sr. Network Engineer and Internet Analyst managing a global DNS Anycast system spread over fifty sites and supporting sixty plus ccTLDs and gTLDs. Gaurab also serves on the Board of APIA, Program Committee of APRICOT and Program Committee of APNIC meetings. He chairs the South Asian Network Operators Group (SANOG), and the IX-SIG. He has been doing these training and workshops since 2002.

Harish Pillay

Harish Pillay has been in the computer industry since 1982 having built his first computer, a 6502-based machine in 1980. He is currently employed as the Chief Technology Architect of Red Hat Asia Pacific based in Singapore. Harish helped found the Linux Users' Group (Singapore) in 1993 and continues to be an active advocate of FOSS in Singapore and Asia in general. Harish holds a BS in Computer Science and a MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering, both from Oregon State University. He is a senior member of the Singapore Computer Society and a long-standing member of the IEEE. When he is not tinkering with technology, he spends his time with his wife and two sons, and is an active member of the Seletar Hash House Harriers "a drinking club with a running problem".

Hervey Allen

Hervey Allen works for the Network Startup Resource Center (NSRC). The NSRC provides technical information, engineering assistance, training, equipment, and educational materials to network operators at research and education institutions and Internet Service Providers in countries with limited Internet infrastructure. Over the past few years Hervey has done extensive organizing, coordinating and teaching in network workshops and tutorials covering topics such as network monitoring and management, Unix system administration, security best practices, DNSSEC, scalable network services, and campus network design. These workshops have been held in over 20 countries around the world and have been part of events such as APRICOT, SANOG, AfNOG, PacNOG, WALC and multiple ccTLD trainings.

Before joining the NSRC Hervey graduated from the University of Oregon in Computer Science. He has run and built help desks at Pomona College and the University of Oregon, was a System Engineer with Turbolinux, Inc. and worked with several non-profit organizations building their technical infrastructure. Hervey is a member of several coordinating and planning committees for larger Network Operator Group events, including the Pacific Network Operators Group (PacNOG), South Asian Network Operators Group (SANOG) and the African Network Operators Group (AfNOG).

Jonny Martin

Jonny Martin is an active contributor to policy and technical discussion in the AP Region.

Currently Jonny works as an Internet Analyst for Packet Clearing House (PCH), a non-profit based in San Francisco, California. Responsibilities include providing training workshops on operational technologies, particularly in the Asia and Pacific region, as well as operations of the PCH Anycast ccTLD DNS network and INOC-DBA inter-NOC VoIP hotline system.

As an active member of NZNOG and APRICOT organization, as well as contributors to SANOG, PACNOG, AFNOG, he has shown an willingness to volunteer for the good of the Internet around the world.

Shankar Vridhagiri

Shankar Vridhagiri is Manager, Global Network Operations Center at Sify Technologies Ltd.

Shankar Vridhagiri has over 12 years of experience; in this role he heads the team responsible for backbone network of Sify. Involved in the design and deployment of Internet infrastructure by IP peering and transit. He is also involved in Co-location Management / Partner relationships, Capacity management & Second level escalation for GNOC TACs.

Shankar also serves as Program Committee of APRICOT and Program Committee of SANOG meetings




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