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01 - 09 Aug, 2016

Venue : Hotel Trident

Mumbai, India

IPv4/IPv6 Routing

Workshop Details

Workshop Agenda and Downloads

Date : 5th August - 9th August, 2016

Time : 09:00 - 18:00 Local Time

Venue : Hotel Trident, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai, India


Simon Sohel Baroi (Fiber@Home)

Jessica Wei (APNIC)

Zobair Khan (Fiber@Home)

Anurag Bhatia (Hurricane Electric)

Target audience

Technical staff who are now building or operating a wide area service provider network with international and/or multiprovider connectivity, or considering participation at an Internet Exchange point.


# It is assumed that the workshop participants know how to use a router command line interface, do basic router configuration and have a working knowledge of an IGP (OSPF or ISIS) and BGP fundamentals.

# This workshop is not an introduction. The lab exercises use Cisco IOS configuration syntax.

# Required to bring own laptops - (Windows/Linux/OSX) with wireless

Class size

The workshop can accommodate up to 30 participants

Workshop topics

* Introductions, Objectives

* Routing Basics

* Introduction to ISIS

* Introduction to IPv6

* IPv6 Standards and Protocols

* IPv6 Routing Protocols

* Introduction to BGP

* ISIS for IPv6

* BGP for IPv6

* IPv6 Transition Planning

* Securing Transition Mechanisms

* IPv6 Deployment Planning

* IPv6 iBGP and eBGP Lab

* IPv6 Security

* Hardening IPv6 Devices

* IPv6 Monitoring

* BGP Attributes

* BGP Policy Control

* IPv6 BGP Route Filtering

* OSPF to ISIS migration