South Asian Network Operators Group
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25 Jan - 01 Feb, 2016

Venue : Hotel Yak & Yeti


South Asian Network Operators Group (SANOG) is back once again to its originating City, Kathmandu - the Capital city of Nepal. The Conference will be Hosted by npIX (Nepal Internet Exchange) and co-hosted by Nepal Research and Education Network (NREN) and supported by TEIN*CC Corporation Center, Internet Service Provider's Association of Nepal (ISPAN) and CAN Federation (Computer Association of Nepal).

The winter schedule for the conference is from 25th of January to 1st of February, 2016. The conference and Tutorial will held in first 3 days (from 25th to 27th of January) while the last five days will be occupied by Hands-on Training Workshops (28th January to 1st of February, 2016.

The venue is Hotel Yak and Yeti, which is a luxury 5-star deluxe hotel in the heart of Kathmandu, Nepal. Modern day sophistication greets cultural heritage in the ample grounds of the 100-year-old palace and newly designed structure of the hotel.

In addition to the SANOG Conferences, APNIC will provide APNIC Regional Meetings (ARMs) as a forum for Members and stakeholders to meet with their peers in their community and from neighbouring economies to share their Internet resource management experiences, and get the latest updates on APNIC's activities. APNIC ARMs are open to all and free of charge.

Event Chrono

24 January, 2016 :: Final Program Schedule Published

02 January, 2016 :: 1st Draft Program Schedule Published

26 December, 2015 :: Fellowship Applications Result Published

10 December, 2015 :: Hotel Room Booking Started ...

02 December, 2015 :: Early Bird Registraion is now open ...

01 November, 2015 :: Fellowship Application Announced

28 October, 2015 :: Call for Paper (CFP)Open


There will be three (3) Workshop Tracks:

1. IPv4/IPv6 Routing

2. DNSSEC & Network Security

3. Virtualisation and Cloud Computing

Note that Track Information and content may be changed as per the decision of Programme Committee

About npIX

npIX was established in August, 2002 as the first Internet Exchange in Nepal to facilitate the growth of the Internet industry in Nepal. It currently has 28 peers, with all ISPs and Telcos committed to connect to it. npIX, especially in collaboration with the Computer Association of Nepal (CAN), which has extensive experience in hosting IT exhibitions and conference for last couple of decades, plans to host the SANOG XXVII meeting for the 4th time in Kathmandu. CAN also supported the initiative to organize the first ever SANOG, meeting during it's annual IT conference in 2003.

About Nepal

Nepal is in Southern Asia, between China and India. It covers total area of 147,181 sq km and its boundary is 2,926 km long in total, bordered by China 1,236 km and India 1,690 km. It is a landlocked country.

The weather and climate varies from hot summers to severe winters. Nepal has varieties of lands as it has weather and people. The land starts from 70m from sea level from Kanchan Kalan in Terai and passes though hilly region to the world's highest point Mount Everest at 8,850 m.

Nepal is known for its natural beauty and it has its own cultures. It has more than 70 ethnic groups and more than 60 different languages are spoken in different parts of Nepal. Nepali is the national language of Nepal. People practice several religion.

Kathmandu is the capital and Nepal has 30 million people.