South Asian Network Operators Group
A non-profit forum for Data Network Operators in South Asia



23-30 January, 2017

Venue : HEC HQ

Islamabad, Pakistan

SANOG29 Fellowship Result is published

The SANOG XXIX Fellowship program has been made possible with a grant from the Internet Society (ISOC). The Fellowship encourages folks from the South Asian Region to participate in the workshop, tutorials and conference.

The following Applications are selected as a First Round Fellow for SANOG 29

   1. Muhammad Hassan (PK)

   2. Muhammad Fahad Khan (PK)

   3. Faran Javed (PK)

   4. Imran Alam Siddiqui (PK)

   5. Muhammad Haroon -ur - Rashid (PK)

   6. Shamsullah Shams (AF)

   7. Muhammad Haseeb (PK)

   8. Muhammad Adil Ali (PK)

   9. Poono Mal Harijan (PK)

   10. Muhammad Haseeb (PK)

2nd Round Fellowship Result:

   11. Mushtaq Ahmed (PK)

   12. Saad Samo (PK)

   13. Dr. Shair Sultan (PK)

   14. Naeem Ali (PK)

   15. Ruheal Maqsood (PK)