South Asian Network Operators Group
A non-profit forum for Data Network Operators in South Asia

Event Chrono

SANOG 38 Nepal

18 July - 22 July, 2022

Workshop : 18 July - 21 July, 2022

Conference : 22 July 2022

Workshop Tracks

Routing Infrastructure and Operational Security

Network Management, Monitoring & Security

Network Automation 101

Welcome back to in-person SANOG Conference Again

"SANOG-38 will be a physically hosted event with remote online streaming"

SANOG38 LIVE Recordings

South Asian Network Operators Group (SANOG) is on-site again after the devastating COVID-19 pandemic years..

SANOG 38 will take place along with npNOG 9 in Kathmandu from 18th to 22nd July, with 4 days of training starting on the 18th, followed by the conference on the 22nd.

We are excited that this is going to be our first in-person event since the SANOG in Karachi in early 2020. Do keep coming here to see very frequent update and excitement regarding SANOG38...