South Asian Network Operators Group
A non-profit forum for Data Network Operators in South Asia

Event Chrono

SANOG 41 Mumbai, India

25 - 30 April, 2024

Workshops: 25-28 April 2024

Conference: 29-30 April 2024


South Asian Network Operators Group (SANOG) is a regional bi-annual event that brings together network operators, Internet service providers, and other technology professionals from South Asia and beyond to share knowledge, collaborate and discuss key issues related to Internet infrastructure, security, and development.

The 41th edition of the South Asian Network Operators Group SANOG-41, clubbing with INNOG-7, is set to take place in Mumbai, India from 25th April to 30th April 2024, and will be hosted by INNOG. The event aims to provide a platform for participants to learn from experts, network with peers, and exchange ideas on a range of topics, including IPv6 deployment, network security, DNS, routing, and more.

SANOG-41 will feature a range of sessions, including workshops, peering forum, NOG meeting, CERT meeting, panel discussions, and keynote presentations. The event will also include a series of social and networking events, allowing participants to connect with colleagues from across.

The event is expected to attract a diverse range of participants, including network engineers, cybersecurity professionals, policy-makers, and researchers. With a focus on promoting the development of a robust and secure Internet infrastructure, SANOG-41 promises to be an exciting and informative event for all attendees.

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