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23-30 July, 2004 Kathmandu, Nepal

1 Sept, 2004 : SANOG IV Downloads page partially uploaded.

31 July, 2004. : SANOG IV was successfully concluded yesterday. Presentations and Pictures will soon be uploaded.

18 July, 2004: SANOG IV program V2.2 has been published

SANOG IV Fellowship Results ; Second round results published

Register Online for SANOG 4 <closed>

30 June , 2004 : SANOG IV program draft has been updated

The venue for SANOG IV is Kathmandu. The meeting would be hosted by the Nepal Internet Exchange. More details would be available later. You can download the Flyer.

SANOG IV Regional Keynote

Mr. B. Nagaraj, Head of Network Planning and Engineering, Reliance Infocomm Ltd,

Mr B Nagaraj, Head of Network Planning and Engineering, Reliance Infocomm Ltd, has consented to be regional keynote speaker for SANOG. Mr Nagaraj is a telecom industry veteran, having served in the Department of Telecom of Indian govt for several years, before joining Reliance. He has been instrumental in planning and architecting one of the largest IP/MPLS networks of the region, if not the world.

SANOG IV Technical Keynote :

"Convergence in router architecture, addressing limitations and network stability" - Phillip Harris, Senior Consulting Engieer, Cisco Systems

Phillip Harris, Senior Engineer at Cisco Systems in San Jose will be the technical keynote Speaker. He's been with Cisco for more than a decade and has extensive experience in router engineering. He is also one of the key people behind the Cisco Networkers.

SANOG IV Highlights

  • 3 Workshops on Routing, DNS/DNSSec and IP services
  • 8 Tutorials in multiple tracks : Routing, Anti-Spam, VOIP, IXP, Routing Registries and more
  • BOFs: West Asia, PGP Key Party, Regional Policy, IXP, ISP-Security
  • APNIC Training and Regional Policy Meeting
  • RIPE NCC Hostmaster Consultation for West Asia Members
  • APCAUCE Meeting
  • Fellowship Program for South Asians
  • Kathmandu is one of the most interesting places in the World :-)


Routing : Introduction to OSPF and BGP, Introduction to BGP policy, Router Configuration Essentials, BGP Route Reflectors, Policy Routing.

DNS Workshop: System fundamentals, Basic DNS (Server, Client, Dynamic Update, Upgrading, Adding Zones, Using Slaves), Advanced DNS (IPv6, DNSSEC, AD integration).

Open Source IP Services: Sysadmin in Linux, DNS for ISPs, Mail Server, Web Server, Proxy and Security

About npIX
npIX was established in August, 2002 as the first Internet Exchange in Nepal to facilitate the growth of the Internet industry in Nepal. It currently has four peers, with all ISPs committed to connect to it by the end of the year. npIX, especially in collaboration with the Computer Association of Nepal (CAN), which has extensive experience in hosting IT exhibitions and conference for last one decade, plans to host the SANOG IV meeting for the second time in Kathmandu. CAN also supported the initiative to organize the first ever SANOG, meeting during it's annual IT conference in 2003.


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