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27 July - 4 August 2006, Karachi, Pakistan

The venue for SANOG 8 is Karachi, Pakistan. The meeting is hosted by Networking Society of Pakistan (NSP).

Workshop Slides

ISP Routing and BGP Multihoming Workshop - 19 MB
ISP /NSP Security Workshop - 27 MB
DNS/DNS Sec Workshop - 21 MB

Tutorial Slides
(Files larger than 2MB are identified)

MPLS Tutorial, QoS with Labs - Mukhtiar Shaikh, Mosaddaq Turabi, Yousuf Hassan 16 MB
Data Center Technology and Architecture -Content Optimization- Zeeshan Naseh
Data Center Disaster Recovery - Content Zeeshan Naseh
Data Center Technology & Architecture - Storage Area Networks - Asim Khan 12 MB
Data Center Backend Diaster Recovery - Asim Khan 3.3 MB
L2 Attacks and Mitigation Technique - Yusuf Bhaiji 3.4 MB
IPv4 Multicast and Multicast VPN - Atif Khan 12MB
VOIP BoF - Sayeed Kurram, Faisal Chaudhry 11 MB
Introduction to IPv6 and transition issues - Khalid Raza, Salman Asadullah 19 MB
Voice Quality in TDM-IP Hybrid Networks - Talal Siddiqui 4.5 MB
VOIP Echo Analysis - Talal Siddiqui
BGP Multihoming : Philip Smith,
Internet Exchange Points - Bill Woodcock , Gaurab Raj Upadhaya 2.1 MB
DNSSec Deployment Tutorial - Champika Wijayatunga,
Recursive DNS attacks - Zaeem Arshad
Anti Spam Techniques Tutorial, Champika Wijayatunga,
APNIC BoF - S. Chendi

Conference Slides

- "Engineering the Internet & it's Governance" Keynote Address by Akinori Maemura, JPNIC / France Telecom
- "Internet Industry Trends" - Plenary address by Khalid Raza, Cisco

1. IPv6 Co-existence and Transition - Salman Asadullah, Cisco
2. IPv6 and IPv6 VPN Services over MPLS Backbone - Atif Khan, Juniper
3. DNS Anycast Deployment Techniques - Gaurab Raj Upadhaya, PCH
4. Fault Tolerance in the Internet: Servers and routers - Sana Naveed Khawaja, Tariq Mahmood - Lahore University
5. Scalable IGP Deployment techniques - Philip Smith- Cisco
6. Broadband Architecture for Triple Play - Ayman Hamza, Juniper
7. Traffic Prediction and Voice Quality Assessment - Tariq Jadoon, Lahore University; Amir Mehmood, PTCL
8.Looking at BGP routing tables and AS-PATH - Vijay K. Adhikari
9. IPSec or SSL - Samer Kudsi - Juniper
10. Grey Listing Experiences- Tariq Mustafa, Super Net
11. Routing Table Update - Philip Smith
12. IP Spoofing Dangers and workaround -Akinori Maemura
13. APNIC Update - S. Chendi
14. SANOG 8 Network Use - Haris Shamsi
15. SANOG Update / statistics - Gaurab Raj Upadhaya

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